Newsletter Dec, 2014

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Newsletter for Nov, 2014

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Sign up for The Harbor’s 5K walk/run winter series!!!

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Newsletter 10-2014

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Newsletter for 9/14


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Prom: to re-do or not to re-do.

20 years post-high school I find that most of my conversations focus on subjects such as children, work, and a few faith adventures.  However, once in awhile high school comes up; it’s usually preceded with a phrase like ” Well, back when I was in school…” and is typically followed by fond memories that bring about that nostalgic sense of youth.  Lately though, I have noticed, many don’t share the same positive sensations as I.  So, as a fund raiser for The Harbor, we have been considering throwing a Prom-REDO.  It will be a perfect time to re-do your prom experience.  Perhaps, maybe this will be a first prom experience for some.  There are more than a dozen reasons why some would love a prom-redo:  maybe you got stood up or never asked out, perhaps you didn’t get to go with the ” love of your life” or maybe your leg was broken, some were home with kids of their own and some were simply just too shy.  Perhaps now, people would go with confidence in who they are and forgoing the stresses of cliques.  Perhaps…I don’t know, honestly, I had a wonderful time at my prom and would like a re-do simply because it was fun and the only chance I have now to dress up for a dining and dancing experience is to be invited to a wedding-anyone getting married???   Hey, at the prom re-do you wont have to take a wedding gift!  Who’s in?

Please let me know if you would me interested in a prom re-do.  Comment here or privately message me your thoughts through Facebook.  Image

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WALK-A-THON For the Harbor

Not much of a volleyball player or a basketball player?  Can you walk?  Get sponsors to help you take those steps in supporting The Harbor:  Shippensburg’s Sober Social Spot!  Final Walker Registration FormfbHARBOR DAY EVENTS WAIVER FORMfb

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